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Episode One

'Jane Won't Say A Line'

In the opening episode, production of the moderately popular and long running radio drama ‘The Heights’, (a show about an upmarket apartment block in East London) is thrown into turmoil when Jane Gurnett has a meltdown during the recording of episode 1046. Matters are made worse when her outburst is leaked on YouTube. Meanwhile, Terri’s lover makes demands on their secret relationship; story editor Axel discovers a mystery and actress Deddie Davies has home made sushi for lunch. WARNING: Contains Strong Language

Episode Two


As the show’s production schedule falls behind further, producer Peta Rhodes is forced to root out the culprit of the YouTube leak. And while Axel unearths more unnerving and inexplicable details of the show’s history, his intern Jamie believes the production is being stalked by a menacing figure. Also, Ray learns to say the word ‘intolerable’ Warning: Contains strong language.

Episode Three


With Axel missing and the show’s existence now threatened, Peta is forced into taking medical advice and a risky decision. As Terri finds Ray’s new found friendship with Deddie troubling, actor Morgan is surprised when Mary is reunited with an old acquaintance over a last minute pelvic examination. Also, script editor Beth spills lunch all down her new top. Warning: Contains strong language.

Episode Four

'Open Day'

In a brief respite from the non-stop drama, the production offices throw their doors open and invite the world in to get a glimpse of the scenes behind the scenes. And while Falco deals with his very keen interns, Human Resources sends down a crack legal advisor to restore some order. Also, Lewes can’t find his asthma pump. Warning: Contains strong language.

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